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Recital Anxiety?

It’s the time of year when all of a sudden people start making excuses, get sick, have vacations or work that they cannot get out of so sorry I can’t make the recital!

I know what’s going on here and you can’t fool me! You are scared to death to go on stage and possibly make a fool of yourself!

But what if you don’t make a fool of your self?

What if you nail it, hit it out of the ballpark, blow everybody away, blow your mind and feel so proud that you actually did it?

What if you get through the entire song with only one tiny mistake?

What if you started the 2nd verse with the same lyric as the first verse?

What if you were so nervous the microphone was shaking like a leaf during the entire song?

Who cares! The point is you did it!

Be proud of yourself and having the balls to get up there and go for it!

We’re all scared, we all fear rejection, we all know there’s a possibility that we’re just going to die up there!!!!!!

OK so what if you chicken out and don’t go at all? How are you really going to feel then?

Will you be disappointed in yourself that you chickened out when really you could have been brave and took a chance that everything would be okay?

How else do we grow? You must be brave and share your musical gift with as many people that will listen.

Do this for yourself and for others. I know it’s absolutely terrifying!

The trick is to prove yourself right and be careful what you say so that proving yourself right works in your favour and not against you.

Tell yourself a message that is going to help you perform to your best capability.

If you say: oh my God what if I trip on the way to the stage what if I forget all the words what if I screw up what if I can’t sing horribly and everybody laughs at me What if I sound terrible It is human nature to prove ourselves right and you will go about making that happen!

This list is typical of many people who have not performed in public ever before or only a few times.

Confidence only comes with knowing the song so well it’s like automatic control, you don’t have to think about it, it’s ingrained in your head!

Practise , practice , practice is the key to feeling confident and as a result less nervous.

Tell yourself “I am going to shine”, “everyone is going to love me”, “I will remember all the words”, “I am going to be fantastic!” Then go prove yourself right!

Good Luck at your Recital! I’m cheering for you!