Singing Teacher Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Gayle Ackroyd Gibson - Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach   519-821-0063

Singing Lessons Guelph
Improve your singing ability in a few short lessons with Gayle

$22 per half hour. Discounts on bundles


8 1 hour private lesson package $320.00

8 45 minute lessons- $240.00

12 half hour private lessons $240

Lesson Packages


4 private half hour sessions $88.00

8 half hour lessons $176.00

8 forty five minute lessons- $240.00

12 half hour private lessons $240

8 lesson package 1 hour private lessons $320.00

***I’m sorry but I don't make up missed lessons. When you organize a lesson time you are reserving that space in the schedule for the entire year. To provide the best and fairest experience for all my students I can’t alter that schedule from one week to the next.***